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How Does A Pressure Washer Work?

The working of a pressure washer is always dependent upon whether it is gas-fuelled or electrically powered. Based on that, the power and pressure tend to come into the picture and help one get used to a good product.

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The Best Methods for Deck and Fence Cleaning: A Professional Guide

Maintaining the cleanliness of your deck and fence is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and longevity. Over time, dirt, grime, and mildew can accumulate, potentially leading to damage. Here are the best methods for deck and fence cleaning, combining efficiency with professional insight.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the most effective method for cleaning decks and fences. This technique uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt, mildew, and stains. Professional pressure washing services, like those offered by the Pressure Wash Guys, ensure a deep clean without damaging the wood. The key to successful pressure washing is using the right pressure settings to avoid gouging the wood while ensuring all contaminants are removed​ 

Soft Washing

For surfaces that might be damaged by high pressure, such as older wood or delicate finishes, soft washing is an excellent alternative. This method uses a lower pressure combined with specialized cleaning solutions to gently remove dirt, mold, and algae. Soft washing is particularly effective for preventing the recurrence of mold and mildew, as the cleaning solutions can inhibit regrowth​ Regular Cleaning with Detergent In addition to pressure washing, regular cleaning with a mild detergent can help maintain your deck and fence between professional cleanings. Use a soft brush to scrub the surfaces gently. This method is particularly useful for removing surface dirt and preventing the buildup of grime that can lead to more significant issues over time. Ensure you rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving soap residue, which can attract dirt. young man wearing blue raincoat spraying cleaning detergent on the railing and post of a brown wooden deck in a backyard

Sealing and Staining

After cleaning, it’s essential to protect your deck and fence by sealing or staining the wood. This process helps to lock out moisture and prevent damage from UV rays. Professional services can apply high-quality sealants or stains that enhance the wood’s natural beauty and provide long-lasting protection. Regular sealing and staining can extend the life of your deck and fence significantly.

Seasonal Maintenance

Performing seasonal maintenance is key to keeping your deck and fence in top condition. In the spring, remove any accumulated debris and check for signs of damage or wear. In the fall, give your deck and fence a thorough cleaning to remove leaves and other organic material that can cause mold and mildew. Regular inspections and touch-ups can prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs. 


Cleaning your deck and fence is essential for preserving their appearance and structural integrity. Pressure washing, soft washing, regular detergent cleaning, sealing, and seasonal maintenance are the best methods for keeping these areas in pristine condition. For the best results, consider hiring professional services who offer expert cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs. Regular upkeep will ensure your outdoor spaces remain inviting and durable for years to come.

Why is roof cleaning important?

Washing the roof with a high pressure water washer.

Roof cleaning is an important part of any home maintenance checklist. When you think about your roof, what do you envision? Do you see a sturdy, protective barrier against the elements? Or do you picture it as a dusty, dirty surface far above your head? Your answer probably depends on whether or not your roof has been cleaned recently. If it’s time to schedule a roof cleaning for your home – don’t delay!

Techniques for Roof Cleaning:

Roof cleaning is a big project that requires the right amount of equipment and preparation. The most common way to clean a roof is to use a telescoping extension pole with a brush attached. Usually, the cleaner is concentrated and must be diluted in water before it can be sprayed on the roof. The application usually takes place from ground level, with the brush moving in a circular motion to cover the entire surface.

When this is complete, you can either rinse or pressure wash your roof to remove any dirt and debris that was loosened during the cleaning process. A pressure washer with a¼ inch – 5/8 inch spray nozzle is usually sufficient for rinsing purposes, but if you have a darker roof, you may need to use a higher psi as dark roofs absorb more heat.

Once your roof is clean and dry, it should have a fresh, non-dirty appearance. You’ll be able to spot any problem areas from the ground with ease now that you’ve restored your roof’s beauty! Now is a great time to check for damage and other problems such as missing or damaged shingles.

Why Choose Roof Cleaning?

When you see your roof’s clean surface, it is more attractive. It also prolongs the life of your roof since there are no dirt or grime particles in contact with the roofing material itself. This provides an added barrier between them and helps prevent early wear and tear.

Some other benefits of regular cleaning include:

For businesses: Roofs that are clean and debris-free will allow the surface to reflect light more efficiently, preventing potential leaks and keeping your roofing system in top working order. Clean roofs also give a good first impression to customers and employees – it shows you care about your investment!

For homeowners: A clean roof gives everything below it a one-up. It looks better; it works better – what more could you want? It will prolong the life of your roof if it is cleaned regularly. If dirt were allowed to accumulate on your shingles, they would have a reduced lifespan.

Which Surfaces make good candidates for roof cleaning?

Most roofs can be cleaned. It is typically best to do so when the roofing material has a granular surface, and you can see shadows or footprints in standing water after a rainstorm. Cleaning roof tiles and standing-seam metal roofs often requires extra steps to avoid damaging them, but any flat coverings are fair game for proper roof cleaning.

Is Roof Cleaning a DIY Project?

Most roof cleaning projects can be done without professional help. However, the size of the project and difficulty getting up to certain areas make it advisable to have a professional take care of these aspects for you.


Roof cleaning is a simple yet important task and should be done at least once or twice a year. It’s best to schedule this project for spring/summer so that your roof can thoroughly dry before the cold winter months arrive. Remember, you get what you pay for, so if the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to research and find the right professional for the job!

10 Important Tasks for Home Exterior Maintenance

Many people spend a lot of time maintaining the interior of their homes. However, it is just as important for you to take care of the outside of your home. You will need to do the following in order to maintain the exterior of your home.

Trim the Vegetation

If you have vegetation hanging around your home, then you will need to trim it. The vegetation can do a lot of damage to your home if it is not removed. You should keep the vegetation at least two feet away from your home.

Fix Concrete Cracks

Concrete has a tendency to develop cracks over time. Small cracks can quickly turn into large ones. That is why it is a good idea for you to fix the cracks as soon as possible. Cracked concrete is also a safety hazard. Cracked concrete also makes your home look bad.


Painting is one of the best things that you can do to make the exterior of your home look better. It is also an inexpensive way to fix up your home. If you don’t feel comfortable painting your home, then you should hire a professional to take care of it.

Fix the Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. If something is wrong with your roof, then the rest of your home will suffer damage. You should have a professional come and inspect the roof. They should also fix any damage that is done to the roof.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning your windows is a quick way to make them look nice. They can also help your windows last a lot longer. A professional window cleaning service can do this safely and affordably. 

Clean the Gutters

Gutters prevent your home from suffering damage from rainwater. However, if they are clogged with leaves and debris, then they can end up flooding. That is why you need to clean your gutters regularly.

Inspect Your Foundation

Your foundation can develop cracks over time. If your home foundation cracks, then the structure of your home is compromised. That is why you should inspect the foundation and have it repaired as soon as possible.

Seal Gaps

Gaps can cause pests and cold air to come into your home. You can seal the gaps with caulk or spray foam.

Clean the Fence, Deck, and Siding

Dirt, mold, and mildew can cause your fence to decay. You can protect the fence by pressure washing it. Decks, concrete, and siding will also be preserved if you enlist a pressure-washing service. 

Rake the Leaves

Raking the leaves can make a major difference in your yard. Not only will your yard look better, but your grass will be healthier.


Tips for Hiring a Pressure Washing Service Company


worker wearing rain gear with pressure washing wand


Pressure washing(sometimes called power washing) is something that you should leave to a professional. However, you need to make sure that you find the right pressure washing company. You will need to look for the following:


No one who does not have the necessary credentials should be allowed to work in your home. That is why it is a good idea for you to ask for the credentials of your pressure washer. Are you licensed? Do you have insurance? Where did you get your training? Those are some of the questions that you will need to ask a pressure washing company.

You can go to the company’s website to find out about the training and credentials. You can also use resources like Angie’s List.

Shop Around

Many people make the habit of choosing the first company that they find. However, this is not a good idea. You should look at at least three or four companies before you select one. A company should be able to provide you with an estimate. Keep in mind that you should not necessarily choose the company that offers you the lowest estimate.

You want a company that will fit your budget. However, you get what you pay for. Many companies are able to charge people low prices by using low-quality equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

Good companies go the extra mile to make sure that their customers are satisfied. You can tell a lot about a company by the reviews that they get from their customers. That is why you should read several reviews from companies before you hire one. If you cannot find any reviews on the company, then this should be considered a red flag.

One or two bad reviews should not be a cause for concern. However, there should be a lot more positive ones than negative ones. A professional company will also work hard to address the complaints that customers have made. Furthermore, they should be able to guarantee their work. 

Values And Integrity

A good company has a list of values that they adhere to. The work also comes with a guarantee. A guarantee shows that the company is confident in the work that they do. Visit the company’s website, it will give you information on the process and values that they hold themselves to. 

Time Frame

Companies know that your time is valuable. That is why they should be able to give you a time frame for when the job will be completed. They should also be flexible and willing to work with your schedule.

Techniques for Cleaning Concrete

A concrete driveway can be an unfortunate victim to rust, oil, and other chemicals splashed on it from cars. They can make the concrete look unsightly, but there are concrete cleaning methods you can use, so it looks as good as new again.

 FILE #: 79474272 Preview Crop Find Similar Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Hot Water and Pressure Washing Method

It’s best to use a mixture of hot water and pressure washing with a long-handled brush for stubborn stains. You should always wear safety goggles when using a pressure washer and avoid getting cleaner on your skin or clothing because it could irritate. If your concrete has mildew stains, you might want to try mixing 1/2 cup of bleach with one gallon of water before scrubbing to remove them. Mildew is caused by mold spores in the air, which end up sticking to the concrete. You want to kill them, and bleach is a great way to do it because it kills so many different types.

If the stains are from oil, you can use a more acidic cleaner like vinegar or lemon juice. After spraying it on, let it sit for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing it with your brush. You’ll be able to see if the stain is gone by rubbing some of the areas; if the concrete looks lighter than the surrounding areas, that means some of the stains still remain.

Dry Ice Method

You can also remove concrete stains using dry ice. It’s best as an alternative to pressure washing because you don’t have to worry about water and chemicals being sprayed around your home or driveway. Instead, simply sprinkle dry ice over the area and sweep it across with a broom or a stiff-bristled brush. The dry ice will remove the stain, and you can pick up the ice with a dustpan once it’s done.

The only problem with this method is that there’s no way to sweep dry ice into cracks or along edges, so if you have any of those areas, your best bet is hot water pressure washing. It won’t harm plants growing in your concrete either because it evaporates as soon as it touches them, leaving no residue behind.

Paint or Paint Stripper Method

As an alternative to dry ice, you can also use paint strippers that are already made up. You’ll need a metal putty knife, tin foil, and rubber gloves to complete this step. Start by covering your plants with the foil, and then apply the paint stripper to the concrete using the paint edge of your putty knife. Wipe it off when everything has been covered, let it sit for about two hours, and scrape it out using your putty knife. The remaining stain should be very easy to remove now.


Now you know how to get stains out of your concrete. The best methods are pressure washing, dry ice, and paint strippers. They each have their benefits for different types of stains, but they all do the same thing: clean up a dirty driveway or patio, so it’s as good as new again!


What is “Soft Washing”?

You have likely heard of power washing and soft washing when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home. Using pressurized water can dramatically improve the appearance of siding, brick, wood decks, and stone terraces by washing away years of layers of dirt, grime, and algae.

Two men applying soft washing solution to a roof

Power washing uses hot water at a high pressure to blast away surface dirt and mildew. Pressure washing does the same but without hot water. Soft washing is similar to pressure washing, yet the pressure per square inch (PSI) is considerably lower to make sure no damage occurs to less durable surfaces.

Why Choose Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a great alternative to high-pressure washing when you are unsure of the condition or durability of the surfaces you want to clean. It is very appropriate for older buildings, especially ones that have a historic designation where the substrate conditions may have exhibited some deterioration.

This method of pressure washing is also more eco-friendly because it only addresses the surface dirt and is not intended to remove scaling paint and other loose materials. This is a good option for just cleaning surfaces.

What Surfaces are Good Candidates for Soft Washing?

Soft washing utilizes special cleaning solutions to break down dirt, micro-organisms, and other organic material residing on vertical and horizontal surfaces. These cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and will not strip away any protective coatings on your home’s exterior. Soft washing is a good option for these surfaces:

  • Cedar plank and shake siding
  • Stucco
  • EIFS
  • Vinyl siding
  • Screened porches
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Wood decks and railings
  • Outdoor furniture

If you are planning on washing your driveway or stone patio, you might consider using a higher PSI pressure wash method.

Is Soft Washing a DIY Project?

You definitely can do this yourself. It is possible to rent a pressure washer from your local home supply store. However, there is a bit of a learning curve. It is helpful to have a little bit of experience handling this piece of equipment, if possible. If not, ask the store for a quick tutorial or watch an instructional video and then practice.

If you do decide to do this project yourself, you will need to use the right chemicals and be sure you have the appropriate nozzle. These chemicals are quite strong, so you have to use the correct dilution to get the right results without damaging the surface you are washing.


Soft washing is an excellent choice for cleaning the exterior of your home without causing damage to surfaces or the environment. There are professional companies that can do this for you. However, you can tackle this project yourself with the right equipment and cleaning solution.


Best Methods for Graffiti Removal

The act of vandalism is considered by many as an art, but to others, it’s a crime. Graffiti seems to be one of the most popular forms of vandalism that has spread all over urban areas in recent years. Graffiti removal is a task that needs to be done on a regular basis for police forces, schools, public officials, and even home and business owners. The removal process can be confusing, but some methods are better than others.

worker removing graffiti

Best Methods for Removing Graffiti

1. Use an Oil-Based Paint Remover
This is by far the most popular method that is used for removing graffiti. First, stamp on the area where the graffiti was done with a hard object such as a steel pen so that oil can seep through and bond it to the surface. Then, apply plenty of pressure on the area to make sure that it will stay on there without taking part in any water or moisture. After this has been done, use a cleaner spray to wipe off and remove it. Once this is done, allow the area to dry out.

2. Degrease with a Cleaner
Another popular method that is used for removing graffiti from walls and surfaces is by using a degreaser cleaner. By using a degreaser cleaner, the chemicals will dissolve the oil that absorbed into the surface of it making removal easier. The choice of cleaner depends on what type of graffiti you are removing from your property or walls and how much time you have to do it.

3. Using a Paint Remover Swab
The paint remover swab is another tool that is used for removing graffiti from surfaces. It literally comes in a swab and can be used to remove oil, dirt, and grime from surfaces. The best way to get this tool is by purchasing online or through your local hardware store.

4. Using Methylated Spirits
This method is also known as acetone. Using the methylated spirit to remove graffiti is very effective since it can dissolve the oil that was stuck to the surface. However, some people have found that this method does not work and might require additional cleaning or scrubbing with a chemical cleaner.

5. Using a Chemical-Free Cleaner
For those that are concerned with the environment and don’t want to use any kinds of chemicals to remove graffiti from their property, this is a good method. By using simple soap and water is considered an environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti. However, be warned that you will have to scrub hard for it to come off easily. In addition, using a brush can help you clean the wall better as well.

Visit to learn more.

Exterior Cleaning Standards for HOAs

It can be quite frustrating to have to keep your home to the standards that were set by the Homeowners Association. You can also be fined if your home doesn’t meet the standards. The good news is that there are several things that you can do in order to ensure that the standards are met.

Maintain Your Roof


Your roof is one of the places that will be inspected by the HOA. You should make sure that your home is free of algae, mold, and mildew. It is also important to note that your home insurance company can raise your rate if you do not maintain your roof. Hire a professional company like a pressure washing service in Rochester, MN to come and clean your roof.


Clean Your Siding


Your siding is something that is easy for you to neglect. However, it is one of the places that the HOA will look at when they are inspecting your home. Make sure that your siding is free of debris, mold, and mildew. You can easily clean off your siding with a hose.


Clean Off Your Sidewalk


Dirty sidewalks are not only something that can be unpleasant to look at, but they can also be a hazard. You can keep everyone safe by cleaning off the sidewalk and adhere to the standards set by the HOA.


Clean Off Decks And Fences


Decks and fences have a tendency to get covered with mold, moss, and algae over time. You can also be fined if there are stains on your fences and decks. You don’t have to spend all day cleaning off your decks and fences. All you have to do is apply a good-quality cleaner to your deck and fences and let it sit for a few minutes.


Make Sure That Your Trash Cans Are Neat


As strange as it may sound, the HOA can fine you if you do not keep the trash cans the right way. If you have a garage, then it is best for you to keep your trash can in there. Do not put it in the common areas or driveway. Only put your trash can out when it is time for collection.


Maintain Your Landscape


You will need to make sure that your lawn is looking good. Your lawn should be free of weeds. You can remove the weeds with your hands or a garden hoe. You will also need to keep the grass trimmed.




Essential Tips for Choosing a Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

Choosing the right pressure washer is more than just a requirement. As the machine comes forward to provide you with a bunch of benefits, it is essential that you get yourself a pressure washer. But then again, you need the right one, and for that, you need a few tips that will take things in the right direction. So here are a few tips for choosing the perfect pressure washer.

Pressure Washer

Understand Your Power Level

Understanding the amount of pressure in the water steam and ultimately figuring out the extent of power that you require is an important tip that you need to follow. It helps you get ahead of the problem and place yourself in a position that makes sense. For this purpose, you need to understand PSI (pounds per square inch), GPM (gallons per minute), and ECU (effective cleaning units). By understanding all these terms and the impact that they stand to create, you can understand more about the kind of power that you require.

Hot and Cold Water

Exploring the difference between cold water pressure washers and hot water pressure washers is another tip that you need to keep in mind. While cold water pressure washers are perfect for eliminating dirt, mud, and sand, hot water pressure washers are perfect for removing oil and grease. Due to that, you need to understand these aspects and look towards choosing a machine that tends to make sense for your requirement. By doing so, you can move towards meeting your requirements and getting hold of the ideal product.

Selecting a Nozzle

The angle of the spray and the size of the nozzle tend to blend with each other and create a difference for the better. Due to that, you need to be careful while choosing a nozzle as it changes the product that you are planning on purchasing. If you want a concentrated spray, you will have to go for a smaller opening, and thus, everything moves accordingly. As a result, you need to go ahead and explore these options before making a decision.


The Different Types of Models

The number of models present in the market is another aspect that you need to consider. It brings in the right number of options and lets you choose the ideal one. But apart from the making, the brand, and other essential details, you also need to look out for consumer models and professional models. While consumer models are built for occasional use, professional models are apt for daily use and are much more powerful. Due to that, you need to understand your requirement and move ahead to select a machine that completes the same. In this manner, things are bound to be beneficial for you.

Exceptionally Powerful – 50% Time Saving

Avail the perfect machine at the perfect rate.