Why is roof cleaning important?

Washing the roof with a high pressure water washer.

Roof cleaning is an important part of any home maintenance checklist. When you think about your roof, what do you envision? Do you see a sturdy, protective barrier against the elements? Or do you picture it as a dusty, dirty surface far above your head? Your answer probably depends on whether or not your roof has been cleaned recently. If it’s time to schedule a roof cleaning for your home – don’t delay!

Techniques for Roof Cleaning:

Roof cleaning is a big project that requires the right amount of equipment and preparation. The most common way to clean a roof is to use a telescoping extension pole with a brush attached. Usually, the cleaner is concentrated and must be diluted in water before it can be sprayed on the roof. The application usually takes place from ground level, with the brush moving in a circular motion to cover the entire surface.

When this is complete, you can either rinse or pressure wash your roof to remove any dirt and debris that was loosened during the cleaning process. A pressure washer with a¼ inch – 5/8 inch spray nozzle is usually sufficient for rinsing purposes, but if you have a darker roof, you may need to use a higher psi as dark roofs absorb more heat.

Once your roof is clean and dry, it should have a fresh, non-dirty appearance. You’ll be able to spot any problem areas from the ground with ease now that you’ve restored your roof’s beauty! Now is a great time to check for damage and other problems such as missing or damaged shingles.

Why Choose Roof Cleaning?

When you see your roof’s clean surface, it is more attractive. It also prolongs the life of your roof since there are no dirt or grime particles in contact with the roofing material itself. This provides an added barrier between them and helps prevent early wear and tear.

Some other benefits of regular cleaning include:

For businesses: Roofs that are clean and debris-free will allow the surface to reflect light more efficiently, preventing potential leaks and keeping your roofing system in top working order. Clean roofs also give a good first impression to customers and employees – it shows you care about your investment!

For homeowners: A clean roof gives everything below it a one-up. It looks better; it works better – what more could you want? It will prolong the life of your roof if it is cleaned regularly. If dirt were allowed to accumulate on your shingles, they would have a reduced lifespan.

Which Surfaces make good candidates for roof cleaning?

Most roofs can be cleaned. It is typically best to do so when the roofing material has a granular surface, and you can see shadows or footprints in standing water after a rainstorm. Cleaning roof tiles and standing-seam metal roofs often requires extra steps to avoid damaging them, but any flat coverings are fair game for proper roof cleaning.

Is Roof Cleaning a DIY Project?

Most roof cleaning projects can be done without professional help. However, the size of the project and difficulty getting up to certain areas make it advisable to have a professional take care of these aspects for you.


Roof cleaning is a simple yet important task and should be done at least once or twice a year. It’s best to schedule this project for spring/summer so that your roof can thoroughly dry before the cold winter months arrive. Remember, you get what you pay for, so if the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to research and find the right professional for the job!